The right to vote is established in the National Constitution. To fulfill this right, the Consulate General of Venezuela in Hong Kong offers to every Venezuelan citizen, who is 18 years old or above, the opportunity to register in the Electoral Registry, either as a first-time register or due to a change of electoral center (i.e. you had registered in Venezuela, but now live in Hong Kong).

This registration is done from Monday to Friday, during working hours at the Consulate General premises, except when the National Electoral Council (CNE) has decided otherwise, establishing a deadline. Only document required is the laminated Venezuelan Identity Card, even if its period of validity has expired. Passports are not accepted.

The Consulate also acts as a Voting Center, when elections have been convened by the National Electoral Council (CNE) on the same dates established at the national level.

Requirements to vote:

To be registered in the Electoral Registry.
Laminated Venezuelan Identity Card (whether expired or not).
Not being under a state of civil interdiction or criminal conviction, which entails political disqualification.

The passport does not substitute the Identity Card for the process of voting overseas.